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Yeah, lots of stuff to rip on here. However, the "Pharma is evil" mantra has the pitonteal to bite us back in the end.I note the same article cited the dangers of Serevent for asthma. Great. So we'll have fewer asthma drugs and fewer pain medicines too. Goodbye Vioxx, Celebrex and Alleve. Hello, um, Darvocet, Oxycodone and Neurontin. What great alternatives. And risk-free, too!Look, as we've discussed before, the cardiac risks from Vioxx are interesting, but it is not some thalidomide-like horrific effect. The public reaction seems to me to be quite excessive given the acknowledged risk.I'll say it again: Be careful what you wish for. This drug safety stampede is looking more irrational every day. If we're not careful, we'll sacrifice many useful medicines on the altar of perfect safety. I'll not agree we've gained that much, and the schadenfreude at Pharma's losses will be short-lived indeed.



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