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Absolutely excellent in my opoinin. Krugman paints a picture of what I see will happen also. America seems to already be settling in for hard times. What is needed is swift well thought out action and what Congress seems to be setting itself up for is a poorly conceived and too late weakened reaction. And who is leading the stupid side once again? Yeah the flipping Republicans. What a bunch of maroons. One thing I never considered was Krugman's explanation of why handouts (rebates, tax cuts, etc) are not held to the same standards as public investment. Why? Might it be that investment as he puts it are looked at as if from a business decision and if handouts were scrutinized in the same way, they would instantly be thrown out as a bad idea? I have never liked it whrn the government gave me money back. Never. Not once. It never made sense to me when that money could have been salted away or applied to the debt or some other avenue that would garner bigger gains than another TV in the den. Rebates in my opoinin were like trinkets held out for us to be side tracked with.

Dave Tufte

The best that can be said about the Republicans in D.C. is that they seem a bit more willing than normal to shake things up. I could put up with a few lousy decisions if there were some positive and different ones in the mix.

The Democrats though ... yikes ... many of them are so wedded to relabeling costs as benefits and then acting on that mistake that it's hard to even envision how badly they could screw-up.

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