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Macroeconomics is tough for students and laymen: the professors and textbooks sound like nonsense after you've been a fed a lifetime of macrogruel from the legacy media. I've got a running list of real world complications that make understanding macroe... [Read More]

» Why Is Macro So Hard - New Addition from voluntaryXchange
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Here's one more to the ongoing list of what makes macroeconomics so hard. This one is appropriate for the current situation: an excessive focus on price data. Business cycles are fundamentally about quantity variables: unemployment, industrial producti... [Read More]

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Don Boudreaux argues that special interest politics in the U.S. were given a boost by the 17th amendment. That’s the one that made senators get elected by the same group as representatives. I liked this enough to add it to... [Read More]



It is so hard because it is rife with logical contradictions that are only solved by social pressure. Like when a bright student asks how the Keynesian wage structure works on the predicate of barter. The correct academic answer is that it invalidates the Keynesian model, the real academic answer is that you are never, ever getting an A if you stick to it.

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