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Kit Lloyd

Hey, glad you're finally jumping on the bandwagon. I just finished season 4, and it's intense. In my personal opinion, it's the best show currently on television, and one of the best of all-time, at least in terms of acting, if not it's understanding of fundamental economics. =) Brian Cranston has won the Emmy award for Best Actor three years running.

Kit Lloyd

*its. Sorry, that bugs me too...

Kit Lloyd

Sorry for so many comments, but I just had a thought. Maybe, giving Walt the benefit of the doubt, he does understand the long-term consequences of what raising prices will mean for potential new entrants, but simply doesn't care because he doesn't plan to live long anyway. He wants to maximize his short-terms profits as much as the market (and his product) will allow.

Dave Tufte

Hey Kit:

First reply: Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying "Breaking Bad" very much. But it isn't quite as good as I thought it would be — a 9 instead of a 10. For me, it's not up there with, say, "Deadwood", "The Sopranos", or "Oz". And that's coming from someone who liked Bryan Cranston way back when he was Jerry Seinfeld's dentist (I also liked Anna Gunn very much in "Deadwood").

Dave Tufte

Second reply:

Don't worry about leaving too many comments ... one decent comment makes up for 10 spammers.

You may be right about Walt's short term bias. I had thought about this in some other context about the show, but I didn't make the connection to this situation.

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