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Unicorn chaser? You mean a POS aiarfrct with a horrendous safety record that's been a pet project for the president and many others because it comes from his state. The huge rotors act like giant sandblasters, so I guess they'll do just fine on iraqi airfields, so long as everyone on the ground is about a mile away.Cheney wanted to scrap it. Congress had election plans.Hmmm .plane with huge rotors, hellacious downwash, cost something like $15 beelyon dollars, contains less cabin space than existing troop transports, and has been declared unsafe by the FAA (which might have less stringent safety and wear tear standards than military aiarfrct) and the radar signature of a 707.Great asset for the USMC. The boys will love it when they see this slow, unpressurized hunkajunk landing in a combat zone under fire.

David Tufte

You don't get satire, do you?

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