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Kit Lloyd

And now the roles are reversed, with Walt wanting more and more, and Jesse just trying to get out. Obviously the point of the show is to chronicle the complete transformation of a person, but it's still amazing to see how Jesse has actually ended up as the better person, when Walt started off as a jaded, but still naive and innocent school teacher. It's really illustrated in the "Say My Name" episode of season 5 where Walt tries to guilt-trip Jesse into continuing to cook by playing to his greed and calling it all "blood money."

David Tufte

Interesting. I never thought of it as a role reversal story arc. I see it now that you say it, but I interpreted Jesse as an antihero from the beginning ... which I think fits too.


I am not familiar with "Breaking Bad", but I don't think that envy has anything to do with this, especially with the classroom experiments. People (and even some animals) seek to be treated fairly. They punish those who treat them unfairly, even at a cost to themselves. This is normal human behavior, whether or not it is rational.

Dave Tufte

Perhaps envy is a poor choice of title.

On the other hand, what are we to call the behavior of the second person, whose internal perception of fairness extends to 1) the initial pot of money over which they have no claim, and 2) the divided pot over which their claim is conditional?

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