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Stick your hand out the window when driving at speed and even your hand will get lift. So its nothing to do with a finely shaped wing.


Sadbutmad beat me to it. Still doesn't explain how a biplane, or a Rallye airplane can fly Upsy-daisy. Been there, done that.

Let's hope science will eventually yield a better explanation than either SadButMad or Bernoulli.

David Tufte


I'm not so sure about the hand story because of the curved and flexible shape of a hand.

Will mount wing on my own arm to see if I can get the car off the ground, and report back later ;)

David Tufte


Turn your monitor upside down, and you'll see that the above argument works for the wing being in either position. ;)

You wouldn't get as much lift if you were upside down, but you'd get some ... and I suspect you could get 100% if you were also gaining altitude (to improve your angle of attack).

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