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mike shupp

When they get that big, they're called "carp" or sometimes "golden carp" rather than "goldfish." I recall seeing dozens of them, just as long though not so fat, swimming in the Cambridge River back in Boston in the 1960s.

Not new, in other words. (But always entertaining. And it's different from cat photos.)

Dave Tufte

Don'tcha think the carp in Boston were also once aquarium fish?

mike shupp

I don't recall there being an aquarium nearby -- I'm talking about a stretch of the Charles River running roughly from Harvard University down through Boston Common. I always figured people with excess goldfish dumped them in the river cause they were too kindhearted to flush down the john or feed them to cats. Given more room to move around in than the average goldfish bowl, the little critters would grow rapidly. The Charles current wasn;t especially fast, as I recall, so semi-stagnant pools along the banks weren't uncommon. But it's been 50 years, so I don't guarantee my observations still hold up.

Dave Tufte

Sorry ... I meant home aquarium fish ... not from a tourist attraction.

mike shupp

Okay, ws're thinking along the same lines.

There actually IS a Boston Aquarium, it turns out -- or a New England Aquarium located in Boston -- about 5 or 6 miles away from this setting, in the city's waterfront district. But the attractions which delight school kids are turtles and sharks and penguins, rather than goldfish. How dull!

I actually recall seeing some koi in the ritzier parts of Cambridge, back before that term became of my vocabulary. But I don't think koi owners dumped unwanted offspring where the hoi polloi could get at them.

Next question: would you care to EAT a 3 lb goldfish? And my own answer is No -- we're talking about carp, after all.

Dave Tufte

I don't think that aquarium is that old anyway.

I would eat a carp if I knew where it was caught (and have done so). Definitely not one from the Charles (then or now).

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