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mike shupp

That's a really nice writeup on Richard III's body. I've learned a bunch. Not sure exactly how I'm going to use that information, but ... Having read and reread parts of Paul Murray Kendall's biography of Richard III over the past 50 years, I'm at least in a position to state that even the most seemingly obscure knowledge can come suddenly to the front!

One interesting comment I read elsewhere is that the (near) contemporary portraits of Richard all show him with a heavily lined face or a drawn expression, missing from the reconstructed head, suggesting habitual pain, presumably from his scoliosis.

Now, about those two Princes... A couple of boy's skeletons were excavated from the Tower of London back in the 1930's. Some forensic experts thought they were of the right age and antiquity to be Edward IV's children, and others disagreed. Be rather interesting to apply some DNA testing to those bones, if anyone knows where they went.

Dave Tufte


I'm not sure how the trivia will help me either ... but it certainly kept my attention for a couple of hours.

Interesting about the pained expression. I always wonder how many people had gluten problems back then. Certainly that's what I think when I hear about Alfred the Great's digestive issues.

I don't have a dog in the fight about the princes. Frankly, most of my impressions of Richard come from Shakespeare. But ... I always like contrarian revisions, so you're right ... it would be fun to find out what's in those bones.


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