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As a 70's kid myself, we found a wire recorder in a friend's basement. Sure was fun to play with! Also found an early version of the GAF Viewmaster with Sally Rand doing the bubble dance, but that's another story...

Dave Tufte

Oooh ... you've got me beat.

All we had was a Wollensak reel-to-reel from ... circa 1960. My dad always told me about cylinder recorders (he bought one once but couldn't get it to work) and the places that would make a wax record if you recorded there.

When I cleared out his house, I also found a circa 1920 player of metal disks. I have yet to fix it up though.


"1920 player of metal disks" as in metal phonograph records? Seems to me I recall tubes once made of tin, but never disks. Or do you mean the music-box disks? In either event, that could be worth some money!

David Tufte

I mean a music-box (a Symphonion) with some disks: a Symphonion. I agree ... it is worth something, which is why I saved it.


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