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Michael Stack

Lovely: here is more information:

Dave Tufte

Thanks. I should've researched this more ... but I guess I'm proud that my crack team of research assistants took care of it!

Here's my details:
1) I did call and ask for a check. I was told they would have to mail me a form to enter my address on that I would have to return. I haven't gotten the form yet (and it's been about 6 months).
2) So I took my card to a local bank (no Chase banks here either) and was told that they would need the exact amount to zero out the card.

I still haven't followed up on that.

Michael Stack

But it's OK - Chase isn't charging the state a dime:

    The Louisiana Department of Revenue said that Chase beat out two other applicants in a competitive bid for the three-year contract, and the company was willing to meet the state's requirement to do it as a "no-cost operating contract," meaning that Chase will handle the job at no cost to the state.
Dave Tufte

No cost to the state ...

But the people who pay extra taxes and get a refund get to pay fees.

Yet, the people who don't pay anything or any extra don't get a fee at all.

So ... these are a transfer payment from people who get excess tax withdrawn to those that don't.

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