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Living the good life near Zion National Park.


Born and raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, New York. B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in Economics from SUNY at Buffalo. Worked at the University of Alabama, the University of Utah, the University of New Orleans, and Tulane University. Published about 15 academic articles and got tenure. Consulted a bunch too.

Decided that the internet had changed everything, and in particular made living in the big city unnecessary. Moved to Southern Utah University in remote Cedar City, Utah. Zero regrets. And no ... I wasn't a Mormon returning to Utah.

Married, with two kids (one dogs, three cats, a tarantula, and a hedgehog too). Turned 40 in 2004. Got tenure again in 2005.

I have blogged on and off since late 2000. I didn't know this was something you could do as a popularity contest until late 2003. I started voluntaryXchange to see if people thought I had anything interesting to say. My ulterior motive was that I was losing my "edge" as a writer. Blogging forces me to write more often, more quickly, and more cleanly than I have in years. It has definitely hepled my academic writing.