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Scott Clark

I personally feel that the changing of americas constitution to fit the needs of the minority is completely perposturous!!! Less than 5% of Americans population is Gay or Lesbian and besides the fact that our constitution is based upon the holy bible it leads many to think and believe that this is stupid. Many people do not believe in the bible and all that happy jazz. So be it. I completely agree with the writer. If WE as Americans change the law of the land to fit those who follow lust over anything else then we are destroying our bases of morals and ethics that we have believed in for over two hundred years. Freedon of choice??? You may ask....A man and a man can not come together and form another human. If the ultimate creater who ever you believe it is really thought it would be okay for tow men or two women to lie together he would have placed uteruses in both sexes and made both men and women with both reproductive organs. Think about it. Some may say that we have changed the constitution for other things that were even more stupid. What ever!!!!! If you wanna be gay, be gay if you like the same sex go ahead....But dont dare infringe on my rights as a heterosexual american because you want to be married...It is between a man and a WOMEN and thats the way it should stay....READ THE BIBLE!!! Can I control who Im attracted too???? You may ask....If you are brad Pitt and a 450 pound woman walks in the door would you wanna tap that...HELL NO...Of course we can control who we are attracted too. And thats the end of the story. Be gay or lesbian...fine with me but dont change what this country has followed for 2 hundred years because of what your temtations want....


I have to say it that a gay lifestyle is not one about lust as Scott Clark likes to think to make himself feel better. A gay relationship is just the same as a traditional relationship. It is based off trust, respect and love for eachother. I feel that the gov't needs to keep that straight. Telling the gays that they cant get married but can have all the same rights as herterosexual. Is like saying African Americans can have the same rights as whites but cant have interacial marriages. We all feel that, that is wrong. (At least I hope we do.) Now this 450 lbs women you are talking about, isnt Brad Pitts type. Then of course he isnt going to pay her any attetion. But if someone is your type be male or female then you may pruit the person. That little thought I feel is completely irrevelent. Just because a gay couple cant have childern of their own doesnt mean that they cant be parents. There are millions of orphans out there wanting a family and not caring if it isnt the "traditional" family. As long as it is a loving home to call theirs.


It's in the nature of this sort of post to get off topic, but let me redirect anyway.

What I'm worried about is that the government has attached certain financial benefits to marriage. Opening up the definition of marriage opens up those financial benefits as well. Since no new financial benefits are created by relaxing the definition of marriage, all the people who entered into that state under the old definition will lose financially. There will be a substantial wealth transfer that is likely to work (politically) because it fits the standard public choice description: take a small amount from members of a large group to fund larger benefits for members of a smaller group.

Merideth Carleton

Have you seen this before? It's a number guessing game: I guessed 14423, and it got it right! Pretty neat.

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