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Re: flickering in Mozilla FireFox from the two advertising typelists on the left and right?

Well, I know I've seen "flickering" mentioned in the Firefox forum Bug threads in the past week, so it's being tracked down.


I'm using firefox, no flickers visible here...may be peculiar to your monitor/graphics card/resolution setup...ya look prefekt from hier.

Doug I see it...
More of a "blink...blink" than a flicker, wouldn't you say?

Find a 13 year old geek...he can fix it, though he might not be able to tell you what it is or why...

Rajan R

Ehhh, Glenn Reynolds promised no Dan Rather and Iraq in this Carnival of the Capitalists. I should sue (him, of course. False advertise :-).

However, I would like to know what MSM means? A simple Google search reveals it is an acronym for "Men who have Sex with Men" and "Methylsulfonylmethane". I doubt neither one is the intended meaning...

Rajan R

Ahh, never mind. just found out that it stands for MainStream Media.


I am using Firefox and I have had no problems (no flickering).

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Find a 13 year old geek...he can fix it, though he might not be able to tell you what it is or why...

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Ehhh, Glenn Reynolds promised no Dan Rather and Iraq in this Carnival of the Capitalists. I should sue (him, of course. False advertise :-).

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Carnival of the Capitalists - voluntaryXchange

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