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Scott Peterson

The reason that the concept of lost tribes of Israel appeared in Battlestar Galactica was because Glen Larson, the producer of this show was a member of the LDS church which includes specific teachings about the disappearance and future return of the ten lost tribes of Israel.

Scott Peterson

Here is more detail on Larson and his background at:

Dave Tufte

Now that's interesting; given that the story in LDS scripture - even if taken literally - has nothing to do with the lost tribes of the Old Testament.

Halkin does discuss the evolving view from the 17th to the 19th century - common in the northeast - that the Indians were part of the lost tribes. These ideas were around for almost 2 centuries before Joseph Smith reported the (somewhat similar) version now found in the Book of Mormon. Halkin is not kind to either the fact or the sentiment of this view - and I left it out this post so as not to inflame my neighbors.

BTW: the link in Scott Peterson's second post wasn't available for much of today, so I will put up a second comment about it tomorrow.

Dave Tufte

I'm not sure what to make of the Battlestar Galactica link. It seems well documented enough, and it cites peer reviewed research on the similarities between Mormon scripture and Battlestar Galactica scripts.

I wonder what the point of doing this is though? Think about it: did someone say "we're going to extend our mission work by sneaking stuff into Battlestar Galactica, but we're not going to explicitly connect it to a message." Then what? Send missionaries out to talk up the last episode? Perhaps it was just wishful thinking, projection, or a quick and dirty solution to writer's block on the part of the show's creators.

This does bring up an interesting thing that I've noticed though. Mormons have an unusual fascination with fiction involving not only alternative realities but other worlds - Tolkien rather than, say, Kobo Abe. Is this projection of belief in Mormon scripture onto the choice of leisure reading material?


Lost Tribe Found? - voluntaryXchange




Lost Tribe Found? - voluntaryXchange


Lost Tribe Found? - voluntaryXchange

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