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John Top

My guess would be Gene Fama and (possibly) Kenneth French. They and Robert Barro are at the top of the "Citation Laureates" list:

Dave Tufte

This is just me - and I think that Fama (and possibly French) will win soon - but I don't necessarily see their work as that great. I think they did wonderful, THOROUGH, research (in and old school sense). But I'm not sure I see it as pathbreaking in the way that other Nobel work has been.


My guess would be Krugman-DeLong.Both are at the top of my "Citation Laureates" list.

Dave Tufte

Just to get on the record, a few blogs have indicated that they think Edmund Phelps is in the running this year.

I would love to add Phelps to my list - I think he deserves a prize for being the first to denounce the idiocy of (short-run) Phillips Curve centered macroeconomics. But sadly, I think the Nobel committee has passed him by. I hope I'm wrong.

Chandra Shekhar

Mr.R A SIngh win the Nobel Prize for his work on Black Money Nutralization systemes

Chandra Shekhar

Mr.R A SIngh win the Nobel Prize for his work on Black Money Nutralization systemes(Dtailes of work is on Below Dear Particceprntes If you want to removed the Black
Money Please Study Below links and comments
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
written by R A Singh
Comments written by R A Singh Comments
is written by R A Singh

Dave Tufte

I'm going to take a stab that R. A. Singh is not at the top of many people's lists.


Ed Prescott should get the nobel prize for the fact that he introduced the forward-looking behavior of microeconomic units into applied analysis. Most central banks of the world use applied models pioneered by Ed Prescott and many of his students. And the right choice would be that Ed Prescott shares the nobel prize with William A. Brock and Leonard J. Mirman for the fact that their 1972 paper in the Journal of Economic Theory sat up and proved all the nice properties of the workhorse model that Prescott used in the future.

The description of the nobel prize mentions that the prize should go to scientists who have contributed directly to humanity, through inventions that led to new applications. When anyone enters a central bank anywhere in the world today, the basic models through which economists understand the economy and forecast the impact of policies is this of Brock and Mirman, implemented through later work by Prescott. I believe that this would be a very nice nobel prize, since also both Brock and Mirman have done extraordinary work up to now.

Dave Tufte

I agree (in degrees) with all of this.

I'm aware that Prescott's work has led to a lot of CGE models used by central banks (and a lot of other organizations). I just think that he has to wait his turn.

I'm not sure that Brock and Mirman will ever be chosen for a Nobel prize. Their work is a lot more technical, and a bit more obscure outside of active researchers. I'd give them an outside shot though.

Pooja Kukreja

Family wise Tracking of Wealth’s Movement’s, and Reconciliation’s

System’s (FTWMRS)
Written By


2-Nessesity & Benefits

3-Routes & Blocking

4-Information System’s is Fight Against Corruptions

5-Cost of Projects for this Systems


In the world all-human are feel that all human are a own family member and leave & share a wealth as a family member .The basics idea of this is all resources and things are available in world are for all as per their hard work and intelligence not they are thefts the wealth by the way of corrupt practices .In this articles I wants to know every body that the what is effects of single Corrupt practices in futures on his it own life .The cycles of corruptions are how operate & developed in all part of human life .In next part we show the necessity & of Benefits of

2-Necessity & Benefits

In this parts I request to all human to pay the cost of this projects and insists world forums to complete this project’s, Single Line Aim Of This Projects is, you do not used single unit of Black or Not Accounted money.
Suppose one system are developed that you are not used a single unit of Black Money, can you imagine that, No body can used lock and key because, no body can take your any money from your house, because they not utilized this money, they theft only consumable things which they used, not convert in money or his wealth .The only theft for self consumable things, if consumables things are theft taken places its is show that poverty is in world are already running, but solutions of this is in a systems and the our proposed systems are cathead ,who involved in theft ,when details of system I sow in other’s parts .

3-Routes & Blocking

At presents are many routes of a using the Black Money, you can used ,no body can interested to track this things in present time in world, you can used black or white wealth no body can questions to you? Because the routes are so many that you are not abele to identified that the users are used what wealth and when you track the wealth’s, If You e tracking, he search other’s many way to used and make the corrupt practices, In practical how the mass conversions of white money in Black monies is take place, you think and see the below example of our city of Mumbai
One example are that in Mumbai one Bada-Pavawala (Traditional Food of Mumbai) is having one stall on roadside illegal with the help of local municipal servants, traffics police, local politicians, local mafia, this stalwala is paying some money to all, publics does not know that money is converted in black money, and this money is used against him for Bomb- Blast through his local mafia to go to Main mafias in Haft Form. You eat a Bada-Pavawala on illegal stall you are one of white money converters in Black money; this is small example of mass conversations of white money in Black money. Individuals are usages the loopholes of law and real black marketer’s are only to theft all tax, big industries are used various law weaknesses. Not a single human are in world they are not usages and converters of black money .It is a hidden system’s, It is not possible to catches any one.
You see that the only possible to reconciles the wealth that is produces and converts the money in services and matters. We developed the “Families Wealth’s Movement’s Tracking and Reconciliation’s System’s”

In above the Family is a single unit of all members who is shares to utilize all wealth in common, in this all are used wealth in groups and not accounted the wealth for individuals members. Within family wealth movements are not tracking because Fathers and Sons are both are used the wealth’s to each other’s, so their individuals tracking are not necessary. Family is taken single unit for wealth movements, tracking & Reconciliation’s

In this the total Wealth’s is all moveable & immoveable with consumable and not consumables including services and all currency, bonds, certificates or other’s which have a value in futures.

In this the Movements are, how to used the wealth in the form of individuals and or in business. Receipts and Issues are two things are in this parts are important .You are receipts and you are issues the wealth’s for what purposed and in which forms are tracked by system’s, In this sections are important that you receipts money, prize, free gifts, lands, or any other’s things are identified by system’s.
The Tracking is system’s to fined the route of wealth movements & identified the same.
Reconciliation’s is last parts of system’s, in this parts are systems stop the using of yours wealth and you are catches by a system’s

The above system’s as theoretically is understandable but no body can manually reconcile’s wealth movements because as per system the wealth is monitor in all stages.

Information System’s is Fight Against Corruptions

The above theory is correct and how the family wise a whole world are the monitors and stop the used of Black Money or wealth’s .In this parts, I give the details of how the information’s system’s can help to stop the used of Black Money.

The main suggestions are first the whole world are identified by the Family wise .As per my estimates in world are approximately 100 Crores Families. The individuals code is must for computerizations of
We a lot the code in ABCDEF… forms. Due to this type in shorts form world all families are have a unique code number. Today world divided in 26 no. Country with respect of equal populations and allotted one alphabetic words to individuals country .In same manner we divided country in State, than State in Districts, District divided in Blocks, and Block divided in Villages, and Village divided in Sector as per this system the total Sector in world are 308915776 as per this system’s the 803,18,10,176 Family are take unique code. The estimated population’s of world as on 2050 is 891,87,28000. Than the Seven digits code is unique for all Families of the world. This is so small and unique so the identifications of Individuals Family are completed for this method. In this method allot a unique code to each family as per above method. So I request to give single code to all members only reference number of individuals family member are Sr. No.1, 2,3,…….
The history of all families of world is put in computers including his addresses, member’s details, all property including moveable and immoveable.
As per above methods the world all individuals’ families are what wealth’s have is available.
In world it is necessary to passed the rules that all business are come online and their tractions of all issues to individuals in any forms they are supply the data to the above system’s on his own computer infrastructures, this is the basics criteria of starting or doing the business. The all data are online and total transactions are recorded and issues the identifications cards that are used by individuals as identifications purposed.
The following problems are arise
1-If member is a not literate.
In this system’s any doubts are arise, it is duty of literate person that he can be verifies from system that there are wealth are available or not, Any transactions in any wear can be identify by code and who is receipts cash is, his responsibility to take care, the wealth is really have or not.

Cost of Projects for this System

Project Cost of Families Wealth’s Movement’s Tracking and Reconciliation’s System’s
Name of Head Quantity Rates (in lakes) Total Amount(in laces) Remarks
No Of PC Rquered for Data Entry at village level 23799308 0.2 4759862 One Time
Printers 11899654 0.05 594983
No of Server Rquered Districts Level 17576 1 17576
No of Server Rquered states Level 676 5 3380
No of Server Rquered Country Level 26 100 2600
No of Server Rquered World Level 1 100000 100000
Office 11899654 1.5 17849481 One Time
Networking 11899654 0.1 11899654 One Time
Total Expenses 35227535 One Time
Expenses Per head in Indian Rs 580
Expenses Per head in USD 13

Staff 13882930 0.1 1388293 Per Month
Others Monthly Expenses 35717.241 Per Month
Total Monthly 1424010 Per Month
Yearly Expenses 17088122.49 Per Year
Per year per head Expenses 281 Per year
Per Month per head 23 Per Month
Per Day per head 78 Per Day In Paisa
Per day Black Money generated

Pooja Kukreja

This is main object

Vaidehi thakar

Some Example of Corruptions In India
In my view please see below one Example in India
Undersigned is writing many times to Cabinet Secretary Of India regarding the one corruptions of Indian Express Newspaper (Mumbai) Limited, by present Chairman Mr. Vivek Goenka , he is siphoned the money in the high rate purchasing of newsprint .Details are submitted by undersigned to the Directorate Of Public Grievances

Reference Complain No :DPG/M/2004/80054 this is transfer DPG/Z/2004/90088
Again new case registered No;DPG/M/2005/80012 ,DARPG/E/2005/00249, DARPG/E/2005/00250,and DARPG/E/2005/00288
View of this the India Government can not take actions

Suneel jha

Exammple of Coreptions in India

The undersigned (Ram Adhar Singh) must respectfully beg to submit and pray as under:

1. Soon after the allotment of above L.O.I. I have been vigorously trying to procure the government plot of land, but due to bottleneck and
red-taipism, the necessary formalities are not yet completed and there is no clear idea to how much more time the government officials will take. For your honor’s kind information, I am listing below the details of efforts made by me and the results thereof in this matter.

29/ 06/1996 I had applied for the Government land to District collector Thane on supported IOC Letter dated 02/07/1996. The District collector Thane wrote to Tahsildar, Vasai about verification / report about the availability of the government land under information to IOC.

03/07/1996 The Tehsildar Vasai had sent the said papers to Div Officer Mandvi for verification.

30/08/1996 The Div Officer had submitted the complete details about the availability of land to Tehsildar.

20/09/1996 Tehsildar Vasai submitted complete report to D.C. Thane.

19/09/1996 D.C. Thane wrote to CIDCO, Vasai – Virar for NOC.

29/ 01/ 1997 IOC wrote to District collector Thane with a copy to Secretary Urban Development department requesting them to allot the said piece of land to IOC itself and not to holder LOI, thus IOC took up the complete responsibility of procurement of land required for the purpose.

26/ 02/ 1997 Government of Maharashtra wrote M.D. CIDCO to allot the Said piece of land to IOC.

09/ 07/ 1997 Government of Maharashtra sends remainder to M .D. CIDCO for allotting the said land to IOC.

29/ 07/ 1997 CIDCO granted their NOC and informed the same to District collector Thane & Government of Maharashtra as well as to IOC also.

29/ 08/ 1997 Survey of the land by Suburban department of Thane carried out valuation of the said land and submitted their report to District collector Thane.

18/ 10/1997 District collector Thane wrote to Revenue department(Government of Maharashtra). through commissioner, Konkan for Government’s approval.

29/ 11/ 1997 Commissioner ,Konkan also wrote to Revenue department (Government of Maharashtra). for approval.

23/03/1998 The file is ready by desk –J- 4 of revenue ministry for signature of honorable revenue minister Government of Maharashtra.

12/06/1998 Chief Divisional Manager Mumbai Division and Mr. Mohan Parte Assistant Manager (Sales) met to honorable revenue Minister Shree. Narayan Rane due to this meeting that honorable Minister bring the file from desk J-4 directly.

28/09/1998 Chief Divisional Manager wrote the letter to honorable revenue minister Shree. Naryan Rane for immediate approval of said land.

06/ 02/1999 Government of Maharashtra revenue Department wrote to District collector Thane to verify from IOC whether they have already taken any land from private party for the said project./proposal.

18/ 02/1999 District collector Thane wrote to IOC to clarify if the IOC has already procured the land for the purpose from any other source and if not , then to submit the development plan to their office.

03/ 03/1999 IOC informed DC Thane that they have not procured any land for the purpose, and also submitted tentative plan..

12/ 03/1999 District collector Thane wrote to MSEB & PWD Thane for

09/ 04/1999 MSEB granted NOC.

14/ 04/1999 PWD wrote to District collector Thane that the NOC will be issued by National Highway Division No. 3

20/ 04/1999 District collector Thane wrote to Executive Engineer, National Highway Dn. No. 3 for NOC.

24/ 04/1999 District collector Thane National Highway Dn. 3 wrote to Dy. Engr. National Highway 8 for detailed verification of land.

12/ 05/ 1999 Dy. Engr. National Highway No 8 submitted report to Exe. Engr. National highway Dn. 3

26/ 05/1999 Ex. Engr. National Highway wrote to S.D.E Baroda Express High way for their NOC

19/ 06/1999 Sub. Divisional .Engg . National Highway .Mumbi -Vadodara Express Highway (Proposed) to Exe Engg. National Highway Dn.3

20/ 07/1999 Executive .Engg ,National Highway , Division No 3 Submitted files/papers for signature of Supdt. Engr- Special projects Dn.(Konkan) Navi Mumbai .

15/08/1999 Supdt Engg special projects Dn (konkan) Navi Mumbai
sought for certain clarification from Ex. Engr. National
Highway Dn. 3

Sept. 1999 Ex. Engr. N.H. Dn 3 clarified the points to S.E. special
projects Dn. Navi Mumbai.

Oct. 1999 Supdt Engg submitted the files/ papers to Chief Engg
Mumbai Region. for approval.

30/09/1999 Indian Oil Corporation Limited advertised to purchase
new land from private party (advertisement dated: 30 / 09 /
1999 “ Times of India”).

05/ 01/2000 C.E., PWD Mumbai Dn wrote to S.E special projects Dn to get
the Indemnity Bond / Guarantee & details about the service Road
/ full proposal for development of retail outlet from the applicants.

11/ 01/2000 S.E. special projects Dn Wrote to E.E. PWD. Thane to submit the above details /papers to him.

10/ 02/ 2000 Complete proposal - project enclosing therein drawing, showing
details of connecting road, service road, maps,
Indemnity bond etc were submitted to Sub –Divisional National
Highway No 8 (Borivali).

23/ 03/2000 Exe .Engg . PWD Thane, submitted complete proposal papers to
S.E. special project Dn.

30/ 03/2000 S.E. special projects Dn. Informed E.E. PWD that Indemnity Bond
submitted by LOI holder is not sufficient and that IOC must also
give Indemnity Bond.

20/ 04/2000 The undersigned requested in writing to IOC alongwith format of
Indemnity Bond to execute and submit Indemnity Bond to E.E.
PWD, which the IOC have not yet submitted.

26/ 04/2000 Dy.Engr. N.H. Dn.3 wrote to undersigned to get the Indemnity
Bond from IOC and submit the same to PWD Department.

01/ 06/2000 The undersigned submitted a fresh Indemnity Bond to PWD Department.

04/ 07/2000 The undersigned to Dy. Engr. PWD N.H. Borivali requesting for 2
connecting roads.

03/10/2000 The undersigned wrote to IOC about the up to date progress about
the proposal with various necessary information’s, but IOC did not
to acknowledge the same in the office of Chief Dn Manger , Mumbai.

09/10/2000 The undersigned received the captioned letter of IOC dated
08/09/2000 POSTED ON 5/10/2000 terminating my LOI
abruptly without any rhyme, reason or prior intimation to me
in any manner whatsoever.

14/10/2000 The undersigned presented the representation strongly opposing
the same followed by number of personal visits to IOC offices in
connection with the matter.

21/10/2000 The undersigned represented the mater with Exe Director (WR)
and DGM(SALES) IOC Mumbai.

14/12/2000 The undersigned represented his case Director marketing IOC, Mumbai

15/ 01/2001 The undersigned wrote the Letter to Chief Divisional manager Mumbai & Copy to DGM (MO), GM (MO) Western Region, and Executive Director Western Region, General Manager Reseller (HO) Executive Director sales (HO) , Director Marketing , Marketing Division & Chairman IOC .

13/02/2001 Executive Engineer National Highway Division No. 3 wrote the letter to under sign and copy to Chief Divisional Manager Mumbai Division Indian Oil Corporation Limited does not give Indemnity Bond. On 20/04/2000 we have already wrote the letter and severally inform to them due to this the NOC of PWD is pending.

07/02/2001 The undersigned represented the mater with Exe Director (WR)
12/2/2001 Executive Eng,-NH-8 wrote to undersigned and copy to
IOCL for indemnity bond.
2/4/2001 The undersigned wrote the Letter to Executive-
Director (w.r.) Mumbai & Copy to DGM (MO), GM (MO)
Western Region, Executive Director Western Region,
General Manager Reseller (HO) Executive Director The
Undersigned represented his case Director marketing IOC,

28/03/2001 The undersigned represented his case Director marketing
IOC, Mumbai
30/06/2001 The Sup. Eng. Kokan bhwan inform Exc.Engn-NH-8 for
some clarification.
16/07/2001 Executive Engineer National Highway Division No. 3 wrote
the letter to Sup.Eng.
2/8/2001 The IOCL has renewed our above LOI and handed over to
Undersigned as on 07/08/2001 at your COCO-13 at
VASAI, and on same day the undersigned showed the
other private land to your assistant-manager Mr B.M.
Radio. And they informed their senior officer
concern to land procurement and they tolled me that
decision is taken by C.D.M.- MUMBAI. CDM has promised
to undersigned that he will inspect the site after some time.
3/9/2001 SUP. ENG.PWD KOKAN BHAVAN inform to Excut. Engn, -NH-
8 to inform D.M. THANE for allotment of above land
18/10/2001 The Ex.Eng-NH-8 is wrote to D.M.-THEN; details report of
land requirement for above R.O.

24/10/2001 C.D.M.-MUMBAI is visits the many others many site.
1/11/2001 The D.M -THANE wrote to KOKAN COMMSSIONER AND
copy to government of Maharashtra for above matter of
allotment of land
20/11/2001: Kokan Commissioner Return to thane Collector to take affidavit from IOCL for MSEB line shifting and service road and take fresh NOC from CIDDCO and fresh valuation from Urban Developments Deportment

22/11/2001: CDM Mumbai gave the letters dated 15/11/2001 mentioning the visited site is beyond the advertised area

3/12/2001;Thane Collector wrote Tahshildar –Vasai to take the NOC from CIDDC and Indemnity Bonds from IOCL.

10/11/2011: Undersigned are personally meet to Shri Ram Naikji on 17/11/2001 in his Mumbai Office and give the Letters dated 10/10/2001for allotments of COCO-13 which is located at Vasai and requesting him to change the location on the COCO-13.

23/11/2001: Undersigned wrote to CDM for taking the government lands and if any others alternative lands available in advertised area

9/12/2001: Undersigned wrote to Hon shri Ram Naikji ,Director-Marketing, ED-Western Region ,Secretary –P&NG, Adi. Secretary –P&NG for Change of our locations and allotment of COCO-13.

15/12/2001: Undersigned wrote to CDM-Mumbai for his request to allotments of COCO-13 .

02/02/2002;Undersinged see the advertisements for allotments of Bassen retail out let in Times Of India

05/02/2003: Undersigned wrote to CDM –Mumbai for allotments of COCO-13 at Vasai and state that the advertisements of Bassen and COCO-13 are same.

22/3/2003:Tahshildar Vasai wrote to CDM-Mumbai for Indemnity Bonds of Lands and asking to give immediately.

22/03/2002: Tahshildar Vasai wrote to CIDCO-Vasia for give NOC of mere lands allotted to IOCL

· The above NOC and Indemnity Bonds are till date are not completed by CIDCO and IOCL .The undersigned many times visited the IOCL office and CIDCO office at Prbhadevi and Vasia, Not responded by any one.
· Undersigned is approach to many officials for the same till date this things are not cleared by IOCL and CIDCO

23/05/2002: Undersigned request to IOCL for allotting the COCO-13 because IOCL itself agreed to change the location from Vasia-Phata to others location in his internal memo dated 18/12/2001 ,5/02/2002 and 4/03/2002.

In above matters undersigned meet CDM-Mumbai office and requested to sends the proposals of change the location from Vasi-Phata to others places like COCO-13 or any suitable to IOCL officials for RO.

*Till date this proposals are pending at CDM-Mumbai, undersigned is many times rquest to sends the proposals for shifting the locations. In mean times CDM-Mumbai directed to Mr. Mohan Pednekar –Asst. Manager(retails) Mumbai Division’s to visit alternate sites . Mr. Mohan Visited the Ashoka Hotels Land at Charoti (NH-8,),Dist-Thane on 10th April 2004(Most suitable site for RO.and Mr. Mohan is submitted his report on same day to CDM office for further actions. Till date is nothing happens in this matters and COCO-13 and alternate site of Ashoka Hotels are not approved.

(2) Further, as the government is to open the oil market for private oil companies and in light of this fact, the IOCL is converting its existing “B” site into “A” site and also for the fact that IOCL is keeping above fact in mind, & had applied for the government plot on their own name, for my above LOI.

In view of the above facts and circumstances, since my LOI is also in VASAI area, may I request your honor to allot me VASAI coco (COCO-13) against my said LOI or kindly change my location to others places in Thane District area and B site to A site and oblige.

Undersigned write to Many letters in public Graveness till date nothing is happened

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