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Gregg Miller

Neuticles are not for humans for several reasons. First, to acquire FDA approval it takes untold millions and years of study to meet FDA requirements. Secondly, there are about 8,000 cases where men need a testicular implant and since the demand is so low no company wants to create an implant- due to the rigid FDA requirements.
Neuticles are a monopoly because of patents granted by the Federal government. The product never igzisted before Gregg Miller invented it. So- if anyone attempts to come out with a testicular implant for pets they will be prosecuted and put out of business. Stealing is stealing and Neuticles will do whatever is necessary to protect its product, name and the market it created.

Dave Tufte

Well ... how's that for "from the horse's mouth" or ... um ... er ... "the dog's ... " well ... you know.

I have no complaints with the points made here. Let me just say that unpatented neuticle-like things existed as early as 1991.

Gregg Miller

Dave Tufte: Like things? Like marbles? Like steel balls? Like large beads? These improvised items caused rejection, infection and were inhumane. Neuticles are scientifically developed. The material, the implantation process- the post operative care process. Neuticles are an exact replication of the pets testicles in size, shape, weight and feel. The patented implantation procedure assures a natural placement without risk of harm to the pet.Nearly $500,000 was spent to develope Neuticles to be 100% safe. Marbles, beads
and steal ball use are as barbaric and inhumane as the tradional form of neutering
which emasculates the pet.

It continues to peak my interest.

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