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Very interesting webpage, congrats.
Your observations regarding the movers and shakers of Deadwood employing asymetric information is really spot on, and each week this is becoming a bigger and bigger factor in their futures. I can't help but notice how quickly Al Swearengen has grasped the importance of the news distribution in Deadwood, and has taken up a great interest in Mr.Merrick (the local newspaper publisher) and even greater interest in the newly arrived Telegraph operator. Real time information flow is such a powerful new concept for economics!

Dave Tufte

Gosh, I hadn't thought about that angle. It reminds me of Newman in Seinfeld saying that when you control the mail you control in-fa-mation!


Thought I throw out another tidbit from "EB Was Left Out"
Technically this is more about Marketing the pure Economics:
Tolliver sets up Con and Leon to market the new Chinese prostitutes. After first promoting them at the local bar, Con and Leon wind up studying a Focus Group of sorts --they stand outside and *secretly* watch the customers leave and eventually find a white man leaving the brothel (their target demographic is the white 'hoopleheads') and interviews him, ask how it was, was it worth it. I'm not sure Tolliver's exact intentions, but seeing as these new prostitutes could be considered comptetition with Tolliver's existing 'line' of prostitues, it looks like it's purely a move to gain market share (the Chinese prostitues cost a dime, compared to $5 for white prostitutes). Perhaps it's to weaken Swearengen's business for the possible upcoming transistion, via the arrival of Hearst and the corresponding gold claim buyouts,and the new political structure being foisted upon Deadwood.

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