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john top

Haven't seen an Oliver Stone flick since being disappointed by the Doors, but wasn't it just portraying a misguided Jim Garrison's version of the events? Or did it get Jim Garrison's story wrong?

Why the "of course" when focusing on movies of the last generation? Is it during the last generation that social conservatives see the liberals really taking over hollywood? I mean, the glorification of criminals in movies goes back to Howard Hawkes' Scarface, distorted history goes back to at least Shakesphere, and Casablanca doesn't make the Nazis look as brutish I suppose they were. Maybe Oedipus didn't really love his mom as much as tragedy portrays?

Dave Tufte

Lighten up John!

I don't know if Stone got Garrison's story wrong or not. I merely used that as everyone's favorite example of a movie that doesn't match up with the facts as commonly accepted.

And ... the "of course" refers to the fact that most of the movies in the book are from the last generation, because most of the people reading the book in this day will have a better chance of having seen them. This book actually has quite a few examples from before (say) 1975 - the difference is that I don't know those movies as well, so there were a bunch I'd never seen.

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