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john top

There's something about exceedingly talented people being excessively weird and it's not just in cultural arenas. Paul Erdos had no home and just lived at various colleagues homes, John Nash was for a period genuinely nuts believing in aliens, and Kurt Godel died from self-starvation.

I think we need to distinguish between the eccentric-talented types and the faux-eccentric "hangers on", you know the pretentious hep-cat types who are into the scene for the scene rather than being attracted to the creativity around them.

Dave Tufte

I like this point - I knew about Erdos, Nash may be excepted for clinically diagnosed problems, and I hadn't heard about Godel. Did you catch that one from Arja T.?

I think "doesn't play well with others" should be a result, not a goal (as in the group in the second paragraph).

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