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I'm totally with you and am trying to build support for this line of thinking. I've added you to the list of bloggers I'm tracking that are responsibly discussing alternatives to rebuilding New Orleans at:

Discussions on alternatives to rebuilding New Orleans (

Thanks for contributing to the out-of-the-box thinking process.

Please send any like minded bloggers my way so that I can include them on the links list.


Dean Esmay

Your proposals are sensible enough and deserve a wider hearing.

I think either that or new dikes are built which are expected to withstand even direct assault by winds in excess of 200mph--a massive cat 5 hurricane, a once-in-10,000 year event. Otherwise it's all a waste of money.



Sorry about the multiple trackbacks.

John Burgess

I, too, agree. I might try to package it as tourist-plus-port, but absolutely refuse to put residential housing into proven hazard areas.

High speed rail--"bullet train" or not--could easily bring commuting workers into town from 60 miles away. And a whole lot fewer workers at that. With no housing to support, there'd be no need for the manifold support services and industries.

Restaurants, bars, museums, and hotels are fine. Maybe even casinos and brothels to boost the tax base. But all of those can be evacuated quickly.

Build high dykes if necessary, but around a much restricted geographic area.

Predictable Response

Hmm… I wonder if a hundred thousand white people were trapped without food or water would the Federal Government start a massive military rescue mission… probably so. The Federal Government’s response or lack thereof to this is criminal. No, New Orleans should not be rebuilt in the same location. Find a small town with all the right attributes (nearness to interstates, trains, etc. Create a long range plan and develop it into the New New Orleans. If Brazil can create a capital city out of the jungle, surely we can recreate New Orleans in a better location.

Dave Tufte

I think all the levels of various governments already refused to listen to 100K white (and other colors) of people who said:

1) The big one will eventually hit.
2) The levees are not big enough.
3) See # 1.

Dave Tufte

I am very dubious of claims that the government is ignoring 100K black people.

1) If they are ignoring them, then there must be resources "parked" in other locations that could be brought in immediately. There is no evidence of this, and until there is I think folks ought to lay off FEMA (and other branches and levels of government).

2) I also think everyone is forgetting that there are perhaps 800K people (half black and half white) who did get out. Their problems are not as severe as those still in the city, but they are being completely ignored by everyone. They are out, but they can't get access to their money (placing them on an equal footing with those in the city), and most of them have no way to contact their loved ones either (thus all the internet traffic).

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