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john top

yes, indeed. For evidence in support of this post we need look no further than the current occupant of the White House, Yale 1968 and Harvard MBA 1975.

john top

yes, indeed. For evidence in support of this post we need look no further than the current occupant of the White House, Yale 1968 and Harvard MBA 1975.

Dave Tufte



The last two departures from the Court, William Rehnquist and Sandra Day O'Connor were both multiply degreed from Stanford, not an Ivy League School.

Maybe it's time for a Southern Methodist University grad, then maybe someone from the University of Pittsburgh, and after that, someone from another university more representative of the country over which the Court presides. I sort of like the idea that Miers doesn't come from the U.S. Court of Appeals.

Half Sigma

Miers' lack of an Ivy League caliber degree is just one part of a whole picture of Miers as just an ordinary attorney and not an extraordinary jurist and intellectual who deserves an appointment to the highest Court.

Dave Tufte


I think Stanford is tantamount to Ivy League.


Agreed. But it's too much a part of the argument.


"I think Stanford is tantamount to Ivy League."

Stanford is not the only school that could be said to have achieved the renown of the eight schools in the Ivy League. Stanford isn't an East Coast institution, though, unlike all of the Ivies, which is more to the point. The same could be said for the University of Chicago or Duke or Michigan.

Dave Tufte

Chicago - yes

Duke - probably. This will tick off some Duke snobs. But Duke is part of a long set of high-but-declining-quality private schools scattered across the East (and mostly the South). Duke is probably at the top of that group - but there are many contenders (Vanderbilt, Washington, Rice, Emory, Tulane, Johns Hopkins, Northwestern and so on through Brandeis, Tufts, Temple, Northeastern, Xavier, Loyola, and others). If it were me, I'd put Wash U. and Hopkins as closer to Ivy League than Duke.

Michigan - no. I am a great believer that the quality of big state schools is vastly underrated (as evidenced by my huffiness in the original post). I think the really big difference here is the ability of the Ivy League schools to play tenure-track professors off against each other to get the most production. The big state schools can't do that.


I've been satisfied with the President's apompntients and policies so far, although I wish he was tighter with the money. I'm conservative, from Texas, and I'm hearing some good things about Ms. Miers. No, she'd not who I'd have picked either, but absent the political ability to break a filibuster, I'm not sure we could get somebody I'd pick. I don't, today, see the Republicans in the Senate in a position to break a filibuster, or in a position to use the so called "nuclear option." Absent these conditions, what other candidate is possible other than some kind of stealth candidate ? Yes, I know we got burned with Souter, O'Connor and Kennedy in the past, but I feel better about this Bush than I did his dad. I think his instincts are good.At any rate, the appointment is done,and we must see what comes of it. Until we have some evidence that this choice really is the wrong one, I'm disposed to give the President the benefit of the doubt. With so many foreign and domestic enemies battering at the gates, I see no good reason to give them comfort by Conservatives failing to back the President to the nth degree now.

David Tufte

This comment is so odd. I can't see how it is spam. And yet, it is several years out of date. Hmmm ...

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