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Ann Bartow

I've posted a few thoughts about this here:

David Tufte

I recommend the linked piece above. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to comment upon it.

It takes the view that the NYT is pushing an agenda with this article. I tend to agree (although I didn't interpret the tone in quite the same way).

In particular, you have to wonder what the goal of a piece like this is when it doesn't give any details of college extracurricular activities of drug reps who were not cheerleaders, nor does it give any details of careers other than drug rep in which cheerleaders do well.

And, in rereading this for a second time, I can now put my finger on something that bothered me the first time: the focus on cheerleaders from the University of Kentucky. The difficulty with using a cluster like this is that they can be strongly driven by word-of-mouth; one person gets a job as a drug rep, who then connects to two more, and so on. Students at my school do this - they seem to have an inordinate number of connections into door-to-door sales of security systems, and they make rather extraordinary money doing this. But I suppose this story wouldn't sell.

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