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Half Sigma

Everything you are comparing oil to is a refined end product, while crude oil is a raw material.

At 42 gallons/barrel, and $2/gallon gasoline, gasoline costs $84/barrel.

But I suppose this doesn't really change the point of your post.

And HP sure is ripping us off on ink.

David Tufte

Good point.

Is a barrel 42 gallons? I thought it was 55.

Mainly I put this up because there is usually a student in class who spend a buck for a pint or two of bottled water, and doens't realize that this is more expensive than gas.


42 US gallons, but fewer of the man-sized ones!

David Tufte


I only use the imperial measure when I'm having a pint poured for me.


What price bull semen?

David Tufte

Oh gosh - that's got to be up there. I might even be able to get an answer on that, seeing as I am in cattle country.


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Dave Tufte

Meh ... charity spam

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