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Half Sigma

I believe that it's best for society when men and women are encouraged to pair off in monogamous marriages. I don't think it's a coincidence that civilization developed under these circumstances.


That's really frigethning to think that you could of been a polygamous wife if your family hadn't chosen be separate from that world. We are lucky to have given the chance to question religion and not be sucked into it without a choice. I may be confused, skeptical, and a little scared about what the meaning of life is, if there is one, and what happens after we die, but I am glad and grateful that I was raised to be able to question these things and form my own opinions about these matters. Fundamentalist Mormons, Christians, Muslims, etc. don't have this kind of freedom. They may think they are superior to the non-believers because they have the answers to life's questions, but I am glad I don't know all the answers because I am truly free to live my life not blindly following any rules or regulations to please some Higher Power so I can go somewhere nice when I die.

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