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Danny L. McDaniel

The "global warming" debate centers around "experts" that have no faith,understanding or experience in the free-market. These people are anti-capitalists and desire a techocratic, social democracy. That would fit their personalities because they do everything by committee and consensus. These people distain popular vote (democracy) and have no faith in the average person.

"Global warming" is constructed around the most convincing propaganda ever produce in history. The "global warming" crowd do know how to use the media and technology to drive and deliver their message. Actually, it is about soothing their over-inflated egos. Any arguement that should run counter to their beliefs, which are almost theological in description and nature, are considered an incovenient truth for the rest of us unenlightened.

Meanwhile, I sit in Central Indiana this day in a blizzard. Today we have winds of 35 miles-an-hour with snow. I so looked forward to planting palm trees in my yard this year, but so far this winter it hasn't been above freezing for a month (maybe global cooling?). The only solice I have this day is to go down stairs, turn on the History Channel, and watch a piece on how "global warming" will melt the Northern Ice Sheets and flood New York City.

You know, they ought to make a movie about that, it would be great fiction!

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana



LOL - that tidal-wave-in-New-York movie with Danny Quaid is right up there in my list of fun but stupid movies.

P.S. I'm not unsympathetic to the arguments for anthropogenic global warming, but there are real problems in the correlations (or lack thereof) that they've found. They don't seem to have figured out that prima facie causality isn't sufficient to conclude that there is causality.

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