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Are we absolutely certian that Sutchbury wrote this Current Account Blog' post? He is cited as the Oz's' economic editor on that page, but his byline isn't affixed to the piece (or any other pieces there).Charlton reckons Howard’s Work Choices was all about the Business Council wanting ordinary Australians to be scared of losing their jobs so Howard could strip away the regulations protecting their pay and conditions and kneecap the brave union defenders of vulnerable workers.Charlton would have an electoral majority backing him up on that, Mr Sutchbury-or-not.Yet, while Charlton claims protectionism and centralised workplace regulation only started going bad by the late 1960s, it was in fact clear by the late 20s that they were undermining Australian living standards by siphoning the nation’s wealth into unproductive enterprise.If only the Australian put as much effort into this revisionist argument, instead of bashing the black-armbanders.Not very committed neoliberals, are they?Rudd’s overwrought attack on neo-liberalism in The Monthly drew heavily on Charlton mentor, Nobel Prize-winning US economist Joseph Stiglitz.I think this article is all about Americanising Australian political debates. For that reason I wonder if Sutchbury actually wrote this. I haven't noted him for preaching the AEI or Heritage Institute position on things I thought that was the job of Switzer and Albrechtstatistician.

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