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The complexity of these iesuss are simply mind-boggling. But we have to come up with most of the answers within 10 years. We are in a heck of a hurry! Otherwise either the ecosystem troubles, climate change/ loss of biodiversity, or the global economic troubles, the downfall of the wold-wide economic system of global capitalism (a growth-model cannot survive without growth, the 2008/ 2011-2012 economic downturns are just a part of this general growth-model problem), will start to threaten the survival of billions. And as Giddens puts it we have to innovate through utopian realism a whole new world. Innovation means creativity and new novel solutions. Among other things a new macroeconomic model for the whole world (what comes after the industrial society and global capitalism? And how the heck are supposed to get there, immediately?). But at the same time be realistic about all of this. And realism about this situation we all are in is just simply frightening. What are the chances (really!) for a world-wide capitalist system to change just within 10 years? Think about it, the key in green growth (we can not live without green growth, without green growth a growth-based economy as global capitalism is, will simply disintegrate, or if growth continues but not green , then the ecosystem falters) will be how millions of investors with billions of dollars of capital are not going after the biggest profits, but instead to be satisfied by the less profitable green growth . This changes, or would change, pretty much the whole concept of capitalism. Green growth simply cannot be the highest paying investment out there. Green growth must be sustainable, otherwise it simply is not green . So by definition green growth and investments in green growth are not done to seek the highest profits. Therefore green growth and investments in green growth are not part of the global capitalism. This is the first and the most important thing to learn about green growth. After the realization of this simple fact (global capitalism, the endeavor to seek highest profits worldwide, will lead either to an economic catastrophe or an ecosystem catastrophe) leads to the conclusion that markets in and of themselves will not lead to the best possible outcome. Together these two things (downfall of the market hypothesis and the need of green growth, limited planet and limited resources) conclude that the whole theoretic structure of the science known as economics just disintegrated. All the things we think we know through economics, we have to re-think. And be quick about it! Daunting, simply daunting.

Dave Tufte

Wow. We're open to all comers here, so I'm going to leave this alone. But, it's an understatement to say there isn't much I agree with in this post.

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