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Wrong. Lists of proxy baptisms are not submitted to local Bishops. Where did you get that info?

Dave Tufte

My apologies if I misstated.

I got that information from ... a bishop. More than one in fact.

"Submitted" is incorrect though. I was careless.

Let me try a different phrase, with no intention to offend, but one that is chosen to get across to gentile readers the low degree of autonomy involved.

Baptism for the dead is a rite with "adult supervision". Everyone there has a temple recommend, at least some of those must hold a priesthood, many of those in attendance have callings (including temple workers who may take advantage of their position to attend many more baptisms than others), and some are even set apart.

Thus, there are always people in attendance who are in a position to say that the name being "submitted" for baptism for the dead is an inappropriate one. Presumably some of those are aware of the church's position that it is not in its best interest to create public relations problems with those of other faiths. At a minimum, this is a teachable moment. And, after the ceremony, yes, there is indeed a submission of the name of the newly baptized.

The church publicly disavows baptisms of figures that might create controversy. But, they maintain plausible deniability by pointing out that this is a personal rite carried out at a local temple.

Given the importance of this rite to the individual, my position is merely that it will ultimately be controlled by a few targeted excommunications of people at levels above the individual member who were in a position to avoid the problem. I think that point is very near.

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