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Just last week I had a personal experience with this. We were looking at February unemployment numbers from the CPS and I was challenging students to come up with possible explanations for differences across gender, race and education with regard to labor force participation, unemployment, etc. One student's explanation: blatant sexism and racism (she was a female minority). It made me wonder if my explanations of the data were less than tactful.

Dave Tufte

Am I missing something ... or is this my econo-Asperger's coming through?

How were your explanations untactful when you were challenging them?


Ah, I offered my opinion off and on throughout the discussion. I was also referring to past instances where I discussed similar issues involving gender or race and may have come across as insensitive.

Dave Tufte

Oh ... so this is a good thing ... you might have been untactful, and this opened your eyes to other explanations worthy of discussion.

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