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D.H. Sundwall

Actually the SL Tribune is not owned by the LDS Church. The Des News and Trib are jointly operated by a company they both own, but the papers have separate owners. See the Trib's wikipedia entry (

I think the Church doesn't get enough credit for some of its coverage of critics but I couldn't find any coverage of the story either. On the other hand, the whole event seemed like a grandstanding stunt by people who had left he Church some time ago and got Reuters to cooperate.

Dave Tufte

Sorry for not replying sooner ... holiday laziness.

I agree with all of what you've said.

1) I was not, and am not, sure of the ownership structure of the Trib. But, my understanding is that church ownership dominates the holding company.
2) I agree; I think the church deserves a lot of credit for tolerating criticism coming from the outside.
3) Yes, the event was grandstanding. But the whole point of grandstanding is to get in someone's face. Yet, living in Utah, and bringing this up in casual conversation over the last week, I've yet to talk to one person who'd heard of this protest.

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