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Anyone who is bothered about the high pay of the executives in private companies should be just as bothered about the high pay of sports people like footballers and F1 drivers. The only people who should be bothered are the shareholders. Everyone should be bothered about the pay in public departments though as they are paid by the taxpayer who are effectively the shareholders of the government.

My boss sometimes skips his salary for months on end as we try and grow the company. I still get paid every month though. Another outlier?

Dave Tufte

Sadly, an outlier that is politically incorrect to mention.

We used to have a cultural convention that it was rude to ask what other people had. We're not better for losing that.


I'd argue that in some cases it is not just expected that you share when asked, you are supposed to share willingly and voluntarily. As if a tax return means anything about one's qualification as a presidential candidate.

Dave Tufte

Gosh ... are you saying people should consider it a problem that Biden doesn't give much to charity?

FWIW: This is an old post that I'd banked for a day when I was short of time to write a new one. I hadn't even thought about the Romney connection until your comment, Cortney.


I don't mean to imply that I support Romney.

Dave Tufte

Fair enough. When I read your comment I was about 70/30 that you were implying that.

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