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The Sunday night show starts with a recap showing the double eviction, Shelly's doublecross of Jeff and Jordan, and Porsche's win of Power of Veto. Then they promise to show us the blowup between Jeff and Shelly, since that's what's making the news these days.
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The changing distribution of arm circumferences in NHANES III and NHANES 2000 and its impact on the utility of the 'standard adult' blood pressure cuff.

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The consummate businessman, Wang has never been shy about his desire for his clothes to sell, and sell well. To ensure that happens: his lines are always priced affordably; but clearly, an Alexander Wang sale is always a bonus!.

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That isn’t all. Nickelodeon has also cast Crow in a recurring role on the network's new comedy series, Fred: The Show starring Lucas Cruikshank. She is already on-set shooting the role of Starr, an eccentric girl who acts and sings and, as her name indicates, wants to be famous. She will appear in at least five episodes airing in the spring.

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Skylar Laine: The effervescent country singer belted a song from her personal idol, Miranda Lambert. (Surprise, surprise. Meanwhile, Lambert is over at rival show The Voice mentoring with inarguably dreamy husband Blake Shelton.) As it happened, Laine did Lambert justice, infusing "Gunpowder and Lead" with a cheerleader-esque energy and wide vocal range that had Jackson comparing her to Carrie Underwood. Quoth Tyler, in a bit of uninspired criticism: "That was over the top."

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