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I'm sorry, but I think Rabbi Shmuley mischaracterizes Christianity. In my view, our faith is expressed by our actions. Faith, hope and charity are intertwined.

Dave Tufte

Ooooh ... I don't want to step on your toes here ... but a non-Mormon theologian would say that one of the differences between how Mormons and non-Mormons practice Christianity is the role of God's grace. Mormons invest much more heavily in the view that grace can be earned, and that the faithful are informed about the best way to do that. This puts Mormons much closer to Jews than to non-Mormon Christians on this point. So, to me it's not surprising that you'd take this position.

FWIW: as a non-Mormon, in the unusual position of having a lot of good friends that are either Mormon or Jewish, I'd have to say I find their positions on this much more sensible than the one I was raised with.


You're not stepping on my toes. I think it's a fascinating discussion that I can learn a lot from. :)

Dave Tufte

I was thinking there's one more thing to add: a Jew would be interested in leaving the world a better place but wouldn't expect their God to notice, while a Mormon would be interested in leaving the world a better place because their God would notice.

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