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Jackson praised the sweaty, passion-filled cover as one of the best of any singing show in history, while Steven Tyler bellowed: "I can go home right now! I've never heard anything like that in my life."

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Scott has had a remarkable life with his parents and siblings and now he’s going to have a remarkable life with Christina. If you watched his journey on American Idol, you know that his brother Todd was with him as a sighted guide, as was his mother Carole when Todd couldn’t be in Los Angeles. The day before his wedding, Scott was in Texas for a speaking engagement, accompanied by Carole. It was a bittersweet trip for Scott’s mother, knowing it was probably the last time she would travel with her son as his sighted guide. That was something Christina would be doing from now on.

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"I went to the ER. It was fine. Just a little sprain," he said on GMA.

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But the only protests from her publicist Leslee Dart were about the shoot running long, Nicole maybe missing her plane, and who will get all the bronze body paint off her.

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What did you think? Do you think the Rockettes will steal the spotlight in Christopher’s look? Was Ven kicked to the curb too soon? Sound off in the comments below!

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But many Project Runway fans ventured to NoLita and lined up for the chance to meet Christian Siriano, the eccentric season 4 winner who hosted his first FNO event at his brand new store.

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