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Brad DeLong

"Grigua's Prayer" is Skidelsky quoting Smuts, on p. 373 of his "John Maynard Keynes: Hopes Betrayed, 1883-1920". It is a letter Smuts wrote to his friend Margaret Gillett nee Clark 1878-1962 on May 7, 1919. It is quoted earlier in Gordon Craig's "Europe since 1914". The Smuts correspondence appears to be at Cambridge:, and I will ask the Berkeley librarians if they can access it online in any way. The letter was published in volume 4 of the Smuts Papers, which Google Books has at , but it has no preview of page 152. Margaret Clark Gillett's husband Arthur Clark was one of the founders of OxFam, IIRC a professor at Oxford--I think a botanist--and IIRC a Director of Barclays. Bill Schwartz's "The White Man's World" contains a chapter on Jan Christian Smuts, "Frontier Philosopher", well worth reading.

As to Grigua… I believe it is a reference to : "The high proportion of single Dutch men led to their taking indigenous women as wives and companions, and mixed-race children were born. They grew to be a sizeable population who spoke Dutch and were instrumental in developing the colony. These children did not attain the social or legal status accorded their fathers, mostly because colonial laws recognised only Christian forms of marriage. This group became known as Basters, or bastards. The colonists, in their paramilitary response to insurgent resistance from Khoi and San people, readily conscripted the Basters into commandos. This ensured the men became skilled in lightly armed, mounted, skirmish tactics… created belligerent, skilled groups of opportunists who harassed the indigenous populations the length of the Orange River. Once free of the colonies, these groups called themselves the Oorlam…. One of the most influential of these Oolam groups was the Griqua. In the 19th century, the Griqua controlled several political entities which were governed by Kapteins (Dutch for 'Captain', i.e. leader) and their Councils, with their own written constitutions. Adam Kok I, the first Kaptein of the Griqua – a slave who had bought his own freedom – led his people north…. Kok's successor, Andries Waterboer, founded Griqualand West…. Not long after 1843, the competition between the Cape Colony, Orange Free State, and the Transvaal became too much for the Griqua. Led by Adam Kok III, they migrated east to establish Griqualand East. Griqualand East only existed for months before its annexation by the Cape Colony in 1874…. The Griqua were classified as Coloured under apartheid." But I am not certain it is their prayer. Lord Skidelsky probably knows off the top of his head…

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