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Squarely Rooted

I'm not sure what an "enviro-leftie" is, though if you're referring to "people who care about the natural environment on which human life is completely dependent," well, many of those people are of the opinion that fracking and natural gas are really, really bad for said natural environment.

For example:

Just for starters!

Of course, if you care a lot about destabilizing Middle-Eastern petro-states as soon as possible, and you don't care very much about the natural environment, then fracking is probably great. On the other hand, you probably should care at least somewhat about the natural environment, since it's where you live and where all your food and water and air and life comes from. Plus, all your descendants will have to live in it, too! And it's not clear that it's easy or even possible to reverse serious damage to the natural environment!


The vaccines safeguard from the strains of human papilloma virus, or HPV, that the majority of ordinarily lead to cancer.

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