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mike shupp

Oh my. I'ave been reading Balding's posts the last couple of years; not as long as I've read Voluntary Exchange, but still a while, and I regard his stuff (and yours!) quite well.

But in this ... We are asked to believe that Hunter Biden paid $400,000 in 2017 for a stake in a company that would have been $50,000 in 2013 and has since risen to $50 million. Why? Because the Chinese government intentionally drove up the value, expecting this would lure the attentions or even the cupidity of Joe Biden himself, who might be receptive to hearing Chinese views on various matters or possibly capable of facilitating their hopes.

In 2017. Did you foresee Joe Biden as the likely 2020 Democratic presidential candidate at any point in 2017? I didn't. I don't recall many US political commentators or even bloggers who did so. In fact, Biden looked pretty much out of it even as a candidate until the two dozen or so other candidaates basically stalemated each other at the very end of 2018.

Was the Chinese equivalent of the CIA so damned clever that they foresaw Joe Biden's triumph in advance? Was their control of matters so expert that they could mastermind wins and losses in the various primaries that led to Biden's ascendancy? Or were they so profligate that they viewed a fifty million dollar stake in a Chinese firm -- a paper asset, let's admit, rather than actual property -- as merely a token opening expense, which might be duplicated twenty times over with gullible friends and family of the other Democratic candidates?

Inquiring minds want to know. This is a great story, I know. It certainly caught my attention. But upon reflection, it strikes me if it's a true story, there's a whole lot more to emerge.

mike shupp

Reflecting further ... I must admit that Hunter Biden does seem to be a greedy grasping Nether Orifice who might indeed have glommed onto bait dangled before him by Chinese intelligence. There's an awful lot of entitlement that seems bred into children of the American upper crust, and not much restraint being whipped in by their indulgent parents.

We, as a society, ought to do something about that. I don't know just what, but something fairly quick and fairly stern, and strongly enforced by law and attitude alike. But, considering options, it's the flaming radical side of me that comes alight, not the gentle understanding conservative side. Be more Christian! I'm inclined to say -- except in my old age I'm a rather cynical agnostic.

So what's your take? And what are you hearing from other folk in Utah?

Dave Tufte

I think you're right about the 2017 part.

But, and maybe I'm getting into the fever swamps here, it would make sense if they didn't charge him when Joe was in office, but when he was out they told him he was welcome to the equity but only if he paid in his missing up front fee.

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